Welcome to Victory100, a new type of networking company that combines the power of multi-level affiliate marketing with social media.
We launched Victory100 so that you can have control. Control over your social networks and control over your income. With Victory100, you own your own, very easy-to-use social media and business development platform. You add your networks, you manage your posts, you can set up landing pages, email auto-responders, and so much more... plus you have resources to get immediate training on how to do social media right.

Victory100 is a very different type of company. We offer you a substantial income opportunity through our multi-tiered compensation model, without the burdens that typically come with a normal network marketing business. Keep this in mind... no inventory, no autoship, and no products to bombard people with.

We will provide you with the tools, the training and the support to be successful, not to mention decades of experience! Our compensation plan offers numerous bonus opportunities as well as a chance to earn rewards and incentives while you build your business.
Make Money the New-Fashioned Way
The concept is simple. All you need is a computer, a tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection. We will give you the tools, the support and a comprehensive checklist to get your business going quickly!

It’s your business, your way!

Easy - No inventory. The product is a robust online social media and business development platform!

Simple - We give you the tools, manage transactions, and handle customer issues. You simply use and share Victory100.

Social - You’re already on Facebook and Twitter communication every day, now you can get paid to do it.

Hot - Social media is the most explosive global trillion-dollar industry and it’s still only in its infancy!

Rewarding - Spread the wealth! Get your friends involved with Victory100 and earn while you help them!
You Get:
Personalized Victory100 Website - you will get your own branded Victory100.com/[yourname] website to share with others.

Promote Your Other Websites/Businesses - you have a VERY unique platform to promote your personal website, blog and other ventures (network marketing, real estate, financial, etc.) easily through the Victory100 social tool.

Training - Victory100 is constantly adding new training modules, videos, eBooks and more to help educate you on social media, personal business and network marketing as well as keep you on top of trends.

Business Development Tools - in addition to the robust social media tools, you can create custom landing pages and auto-responder campaigns, plus you can manage lead and prospects through your back office.

100% Commission - the foundation of the Victory100 business opportunity is that you can earn 100% product commissions.

...and so much more!
Earning Commissions
Victory100 borrows from the best parts of the traditional affiliate model - like generous 100% commissions, and combines it with the powerful multi-level downline found in network marketing. Our pay plan works on a rotating pay leg system where only one member will receive 100% commissions per product sold. However, because of the dynamic Upline Leg, each member has the ability to receive 100% commissions to infinity!
Level and Pay Legs
Every customer who purchases a Victory100 product will be placed on the enroller’s first level. For example, if 20 customers purchase 20 products from Bob, Bob will have 20 customers on his first level.
Direct Leg
The 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 21st and every customer that isn’t a multiple of 5 are in the Direct Leg. You will receive commissions from direct leg customers.
Upline Leg
The 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and every 5 customer thereafter are in the Upline Leg. Commissions from your upline leg customers pass up to the upline.
How to get Started
Choose your product: Either V-Social (Power Posting Platform) or V-Success (Power Posting Platform PLUS Personal & Business Development Training).
To enjoy the benefits of reselling Victory100 products, simply join at a referring member’s website.
Share Victory100’s powerful products to people all over the world and earn 100% commissions.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your happiness is our goal!
You can cancel at any time if you decide V-Social is not for you.

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